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Chiropractic Ankle Pain Treatment in Scottsdale

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Ankle Pain

At Kaizen Progressive Health, we frequently tackle a variety of ankle conditions, from common mechanical issues to osteoarthritis and bursitis. Our clinic uses digital X-ray technology and a blend of chiropractic, physical therapy, and medical approaches to accurately diagnose and treat conditions, including plantar fasciitis. If surgery has been recommended, consider our comprehensive assessment for a second opinion. Our integrity-driven team ensures you get the best possible care or refer you to someone who can.

Mechanical Ankle Pain

Mechanical Ankle Pain

Ankle discomfort that originates in the muscles, bones, or joints is classified as mechanical ankle pain. Heavy lifting, repeated motions, or slouching might be contributing factors. When dealing with mechanical pain, your chiropractor may employ manual therapy such as spine manipulation, massage, and mobilization. Ankle support muscles may be strengthened and loosened up with the use of rehabilitation exercises. These exercises can also be used to correct any muscle imbalance that may be causing the patient's pain.

Ankle Osteoarthritis Pain

Pain and stiffness in the ankle joint may be the result of osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint condition. Aging and prior injuries are common causes. In order to alleviate the discomfort associated with osteoarthritis, chiropractors employ manual therapy such as manipulation of the bones around the foot. In addition, they could suggest exercises and stretches to assist lessen soreness and stiffness. To alleviate discomfort and swelling, they may recommend cold or heat treatment.
Ankle Bursitis Pain

Ankle Bursitis Pain

Bursitis of the ankle occurs when one of these fluid-filled sacs that cushion and protect joints becomes inflamed. The inflammation of these sacs is a common cause of ankle discomfort and restricted foot movement. Bursitis inflammation in the ankle is treated by our skilled chiropractic staff using a variety of treatments, including massage and trigger point therapy. They may also suggest exercises and stretches to increase mobility and lessen discomfort.
Ankle Tendonitis Pain

Ankle Tendonitis Pain

Pain in the ankle is often a sign of tendonitis, an inflammation of the tendons of the ankle. It's common after doing the same thing again and over or after exercising excessively. When dealing with tendon problems, your auto service provider may employ manual therapy, including manipulation and mobilization of the affected area. They could also suggest workouts and stretches to lessen tendon irritation and increase mobility.
Ankle Fracture Pain

Ankle Fracture Pain

Ankle fractures are breaks in the bone. The pain and immobility of an ankle fracture are common problems that can take months of rehabilitation to overcome. After a fracture, regular chiropractic care can assist to strengthen the ankle, increase its stability, plus improve mobility and flexibility. Damage to soft tissue and nerves is common. Regular chiropractic treatments help blood flow, which accelerates recovery and lowers the risk of long-term damage.


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