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Pickleball Pain Relief with Sports Medicine

Relieve Pickleball Pains and Get Back on the Court

Hearing from Pickleball Pro Pesa Teoni

Pesa Teoni gives his testimony on the chiropractic care from Dr. Steve Hruby providing life-changing relief from injuries and improving his tournament performance. Pesa was suffering from severe lower back pain and foot pain that made it difficult to even get out of his car. After just 2 weeks of customized chiropractic treatment, Pesa’s back and feet felt “completely fine” and he could walk properly again.

Pesa's Results After Receiving Care from Dr. Hruby

Pesa was suffering from severe lower back issues and foot pain that made basic movement difficult. After just 1-2 weeks of customized chiropractic treatment and orthotics from Dr. Hruby, Pesa’s back and feet felt “completely fine” allowing him to move properly again. This rapid pain relief enabled Pesa to last longer on the court and take his game to the next level.

Chiropractic Adjustments in Action

This video demonstrates professional pickleball player Pesa receiving spinal and extremity adjustments from Dr. Steve Hruby. Watch to see the customized chiropractic treatment techniques Dr. Hruby uses to increase mobility and address sports injuries.

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