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Aches & Pains From Your Golf Game?

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⚕️ Lower Back Pain

Dr. Hruby provides spinal adjustments to improve alignment and mobility.

⚕️ Shoulder Impingement

Dr. Hruby uses joint mobilization to relieve restriction and restore full motion.

⚕️ Golfer’s Elbow

Dr. Hruby reduces joint irritation and swelling with chiropractic care.

Relieving Lower Back Strain

Years of golf can lead to chronic tightness and soreness in the lower back from the repetitive twisting motion of the swing. 

Spinal adjustments from Dr. Hruby help improve back mobility and alignment. Soft tissue massage techniques also release built-up tension in the muscles. Proper spinal alignment and released muscle tightness allows for a freer, less restricted swing.

Fixing Shoulder Impingement

The repetitive nature of golf can cause painful shoulder impingement over time. 

Dr. Hruby uses customized treatments like joint mobilization and myofascial release to relieve impingement and regain full shoulder motion. Proper shoulder joint function is restored so golfers can swing and follow-through without difficulty or discomfort.

Preventing Elbow Tendonitis

Golfer’s elbow is a frequent overuse injury leading to inflammation and pain when gripping the club.

Dr. Hruby uses chiropractic adjustments to reduce elbow joint irritation. He also prescribes targeted stretches and soft tissue massage to release forearm tightness causing discomfort. With swelling diminished and muscles relaxed, golfers can grip and swing their clubs without elbow pain or tendonitis flare-ups.

Dr. Steve Hruby, D.C.
Dr. Steve Hruby, D.C.

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